LIMUN stands for Liceo's Model United Nations. It consists of a United Nations simulation carried out by a group of High School students from Liceo de Monterrey, where participants serve as UN delegates for a specific committee. They must achieve the maintenance of international peace and security by solving actual global problems concerning their committee; set with certain anticipation for their preparation.


What are we looking for?


To partake in the preparing of our youth with character, critical thought, and producers of globalized mindsets, and carry out the empowering of students' engagement (through the researching, understanding, reasoning and negotiation) for them to take part and transform into agents of change for the future. 


As an educational institution that fosters human values, potential and worth, we look forward to encourage the understating and awareness of global issues, recognizing the different precepts and means by which the solving of a contentious matter may bring the peace and security for humanity. Concerned of our people, we believe that the involvement of these may contribute outstandingly to our society. 

LIMUN 2022...